Fashion Jeans Summer

Jeans For Spring/Summer 2013 The jeans is a material that never goes out of style, everyone has a basic part of these in your closet and some people don’t get the your body’s favorite one day. He is present in the autumn, in winter, in spring and in summer. Every station receives a new face, sometimes very […]

How to Choose the Right Hat

Hats – a compulsory subject as female and male wardrobe. Hats, caps, berets, hats are not only reliable means of protection from the cold, but also serve as a complement to the image. How to choose a hat to be comfortable, fashionable and went, as they say, to face? Let hairstyle for cold weather. Winter hats […]

7 Hairstyles for Bridesmaids

The maid of honor is a certain presence and very important for these parties. You can say that they are the arms and legs of the noivinhas that walk completely busy and nervous with the arrival of the great day. Prepare with beautiful hairstyles for godmother is more than an obligation. You need to be beautiful and gorgeous at the wedding of your […]

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