Huawei Watch Review

Huawei unveiled its first Special Edition Watch created by renowned designer Italian Barnaba Fornasetti for guests at the party held to mark the tenth anniversary of Vogue China. This special edition is a collaborative effort initiated by Huawei with Vogue China and Fornasetti, celebrating the marriage between art, design and technology. The watch designed by Huawei allows users to stay connected wherever […]

Fishing in Reefs and Bays

Fishing in saltwater bays The same principles apply to find fish in a Bay to locate fish in a haven or in the open ocean. Find the right water, structures, bait and current under the climatic conditions, temperature and you will find the fish. Bay fishing: Reef In the fishing bays, a solid structure likely […]

Chiffon Dress for Plus Size

The most important feature of the wardrobe of every woman’s dress. This garment allows the fair sex looks elegant and modest, mysterious or severely restricted. It was a woman with a dresses offer a wide variety of faces. In addition, thanks to him, tried out a variety of images. Dress clothes will help every day to be unique and […]

Tips For Choosing Wedding Cake

One of the key elements of the wedding feast is the cake. The dessert must be the climax to a great day. Wedding cakes have evolved greatly in recent time and is a detail to take care of him the most. We give you some tips to hit when choosing your wedding cake. When you go to choose the wedding cake, […]

Acronym BIT

Although it has the same phonemes than the English noun, this means a piece, a small part of the whole, therefore, both concepts are completely different. The definition corresponding to this word is the Unit of measurement of information within computer science, which is equivalent to the alternative of two possibilities with equal probability. This […]

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